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Wisdomjobs Italy is part of wisdom IT services and equipped job seekers and employers with innovative recruitment tools and resources available for employment in the Italy job industry. Italy was ranked as the eighth-largest country in the global economy and it was treated as the developed country with a diversified industrial economy. Unemployment rate (8.5%) was very low in Italy as compared to Europe countries. Italy job market has created more opportunities for cars, appliances machinery manufacture, textiles, clothing, tourism, chemicals, wine, motor vehicles and fashion design. Our portal was designed with the intention of creating more job opportunities in these sectors to fulfill the dreams of Italy job seekers. We are considered as 4th generation job portal with our strategies .

Expand your knowledge with e-University Pragnya Meter - A way to explore your skills
e-University pragnya meter

e –University is a new path in learning process. It facilitates conceptual learning with knowledge acquisition. It is a complete package of all the courses consisting of around 6000 skill sets, more than 5 crore multiple choice questions and 2 crore interview questions (till date) for rigorous practice. We adopted 5p’s concept for our business growth which are Planning, Preparation, Presentation, Practice and Personality.

    The main features of e-University:
  • More than 2 crore Interview questions
  • Single click access for various skill sets
  • Useful parameter for advanced information
  • Enhance your job search with multiple skill sets
  • Gain success in your interview with rigorous practice

Pragnya meter is a very unique knowledge assessment meter guides you to present yourself at a job market. It is very useful parameter to test your caliber. It prepares you to face all the required competitive level of strategies in the open job market. This also supports the students in improving their academic skills for presentation. Presently it is having 6000 skill set certifications and designed to test your caliber by showing the score and rank immediately in span of seconds, once you take the test.

    The main features of Pragnya meter:
  • Get certified with 6000+ skill sets
  • Over 5 crore Multiple Choice questions
  • Standout in the crowd with Pragnya score
  • Grab the attention of over 35,000+ recruiters
  • Get your resume handpicked by top companies
  • Be a priority job seeker and win your dream job


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